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VB6 to VB.Net code conversions




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VB6 to .Net code conversions

  • VB6 to VB.Net and C# .Net total project conversions
  •       Windows XP is phasing out and VB6 application don't run well or at all in Windows 7 / 10


We can migrate your VB6 application to VB.Net or Although some of the code can be automatically converted, most of the project will have to be manually changed. This is a very time consuming process. However, you will find that your application will run better and have a new modern structure.


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Projects that we have done

OEM Thin film vacuum deposition system HMI with AB ControlLogix PLC interface, recipe handling and various system controllers.

Plastics extrusion control

PC based  HMI writen in VB.Net with custom controls. Allen Bradley PLC control  and Kepware OPC servers. Including recipe setup, data logging of machine parameters, production run sensor data, alarms, machine events and operator logins. Data is logged to MS SQL server.  

  Isobutane gas  safety system with multiple detectors and HMI with alarms and controlled system shutdown

Development of test system for elevator hydraulic valve production using .Net and  Kepware OPC server interface to Siemens PLC and final test run plotting .

Foam molding machine control system operation. Including complete system control using Automation Direct PLC, PC based HMI operator user interface with .Net and Kepware OPC server.

TRW automotive - Worked on several production machines assembling and testing in-wheel air gauge automotive devices. Using Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC , .Net and Kepware OPC server as well as MS SQL for data logging.

Mfg production control software for medical plastics extrusion company using VB.Net , Kepware OPC server for PC to PLC interface  and MS SQL server for data collection and production scheduling.

Extrusion control and database collection system for DOW

Firestone Industrial Products- PLC Machine control/Motion control/VB User Interface/client-server of air spring production equipment. Programmed machine build cycle, multiaxis coordinated part motion control, graphical user interface, production data collection, workstation database production reporting and setup.

Tower Automotive  Intranet application for production database collection and reporting using Visual Basic and Active Server Pages (ASP).


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